Made to Measure Beds Make Metal Beds to Any Size, In Any color.

We have been established since 2004, our aim and expertise allow our team to customise you a bed to fit into your available space or to make you a bed to fit the occupant, regardless of how long, short, wide, narrow, high or low the bed.

Made to Measure Beds built you any bespoke bed requirement

Years ago anything made to measure was not hard to find. However the bed industry then standardised everything and overseas competitors seized the opportunity so now a “made to measure” bed is impossible to find, or so they would have you believe. Standard bed sizes are consistently offered without any alternative.

We make ANY size of metal customised bed, whether it be a Platform (ground level) bed, High Sleeper or Triple Bunk beds and even beds to fit awkward spaces, such as over a stairwell.

All of our bespoke metal beds are made from individual components which ensures you can easily take them up the stairs and around corners. Due to stringent testing prior to production, we can guarantee strength comes as standard, so you can look forward to seeing your customised metal bed last a generation and beyond.

Don’t worry about getting the sizes right as our Made To Measure team will support this process. Why not call a member of our team today on: 0800 0351357

It may also be of particular interest to note that with our unique connection system (patent applied for) all of our beds can be assembled without the need for fixing bolts from the outside of the bed as with the majority of metal beds. This is invaluable when working within a given space. Made to Measure Beds Ltd provide a long lasting solution to your space problem.


We are totally confident in the build and quality of our beds, therefore to reassure you we offer a 5 year guarantee against breakage with all our metal beds.

The Future

If in years to come you want to modify the bed to a different length because circumstances have changed eg kids have grown up or you’ve moved house we will take the bed base/s back and make you new longer or shorter ones and have them re painted in the same colour where possible.  We will then bring them back to you for many more years usage. You may even want to consider a change of headboard or footboard style at some future date. If so contact us and we will send your new headboard or footboard matched exactly to the same colour as the rest of the bed.

In short whatever your requirement Made to Measure Beds will provide the solution.