Bunk beds required. Limited length width and height

Mr Campbell came to us with quite restrictive measurements which he wanted a set of bunks to fit.

As always we looked at the overall picture and the following had to be considered.

1)      There was a length restriction as the space was only 183cm long. We solved this by making the bunks  183cm (6ft 0) long and mattresses 175cm (5ft 9) to fit.

2)      A wardrobe restricted the width so the maximum  was 91cm (3ft 0) so we made the bunks 91cm (allows for safety rails)and the mattresses 84cm (2ft 9)

3)      Height was a problem since the roof met the bedroom wall 162cm from the floor. This meant we had to reduce the height beneath the bottom bunk  to 150mm and consider the space between the upper and lower bunks very carefully. We discussed minimum requirements with Mr Campbell and he asked for 600mm between the bunks. This is less than we would normally recommend but whilst the kids are small this provides a solution. Lets face it one night without space for the kids to sleep is a nightmare.

4)      All nicely finished in the customer’s choice of colour and guaranteed for the next 5 years

( proven to last much longer often to the the next generation). Problem solved

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