Custom Made Beds For Box Rooms

Made To Measure Beds Understands The Size Difficulties When Fitting Divan Bed Bases and Bunk Bed Frames, into a Smaller Rooms.

Our Made To Measure Team often receive calls where customers do not believe it possible to fit a bed into their children’s small box room, however due to our specific ability to build any made to measure bed frame, we normally find that anything is possible.

Some of our customers need to use High Sleepers in order to make good use of their compromising space, as this particular bed allows our customers to put a desk or storage unit underneath the Bed, ensuring that they are maximising the space available.

Why Choose a Custom Built Space Saver Bed?

We know that some children’s box rooms are particularly challenging and there is not any spare space for the side rails of a traditional Bunk Bed, as the bed will be surrounded round by walls, this is why we launched our Space Saver Bed. This bed was designed with our customers in mind, as we believe Made To Measure Beds is the only manufacturer’s that can provide a completely custom built bed to suit slightly more difficult spaces.

Can I Get a Made To Measure Mattress?

Obviously the natural concern is once you have found your bespoke made to measure bed are you going to be able to source a Made To Measure Mattress to fit your new bed base. Here at Made To Measure Beds we provide a full range of bespoke custom built mattresses, to ensure that your new bed is supported by a high quality mattress to ensure a great nights sleep.

What if I am not sure what bed size I need for my small Box Room and can it be made in an Adult Size?

Do not worry if you are unsure what size you need, we will be able to provide advice regardless of your room size or particular bed challenge, give one of our made to measure beds experts a call and let us help and advise on what would be most appropriate, all you need is the measurements of your room and from there we will send you a sketch of your new bespoke bed, ensuring you get exactly what you need

Call Us Now on 0800 0351357 to discuss your new custom built Made To Measure Bed.


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