High Sleeper Beds and Mattress Made To Measure

Custom Made Beds and Mattresses

Often when moving into a new home or when your family grows, there is a consideration about how to make the best of small size rooms and spaces.

Many of our customers, find small spaces in the children’s bedroom difficult to use, this can be due to the overall measurements of the area, or due to awkward cupboards and wall shapes.

It was this issue in the marketplace that we found that kids bedrooms can sometime be difficult to layout unless you can find a company who provides a bespoke made to measure high sleeper.

Our expert design team have created many individual designs to accommodate all kinds of difficult spaces in children’s bedroom and this is what make our team truly unique at made to measure beds.

If you have a difficult box room which may not accommodate a standard bed size, we can alter the length, width and height of our custom built bed to suit the space which your require. Some of our customers have box rooms which have more than one child in, with this situation often they tend to consider our custom made bunk bed.

When height is generous in a limited size child’s bedroom, we you do not need to use up the available space with a second bunk bed or custom built high sleeper. When the height of the room is substantial, we can manufacture a bed which is unique to made to measure beds, this bed is called the Triple Bunk Bed.


Obviously when you choose your Custom High Sleeper or Triple Bunk Bed, there is often a consideration about sourcing a made to measure mattress which will fit the new bespoke bed. Our team will be able to walk you through the options available around our mattress which are made to order. We have a range of soft, medium and firm mattresses, some of which are more suited to bunk beds. Mattresses such as the Tunis are often popular with Bunk beds, however for more information, take a look at our bespoke mattress range.



Custom made Bunk beds is something we have been specialising in for over ten years as a family firm, if you need a bed which is extremely strong and can be custom built to any size you require, take a look at our home page made to measure beds

Alternatively, should you require some advise on how to make the most of you small space or box room, feel free to contact a member of our team on 0800 0351357

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