Made to Measure Beds and Mattresses

Can I Have A Manufactured Mattress to Fit My Made To Measure Beds?

Many people struggle to find individual companies that can make them a Made To Measure Bunk BedHigh Sleeper or even Triple Bunk Bed, but in addition they then soon begin to worry about how their bedding will fit round their usual shaped bed.

Bespoke Mattress Sizes

If you have a custom build made to measure bed, its important that you are able to put the appropriate bedding on after receiving your new bed. We find some customers want unusually long beds, to accommodate this, we have found that providing a two part mattress solution, which is also made to measure, allows them to use their high sleepers in a much more functional manner.

Our customers often have a high sleeper built to a specific size, then select from our selection of range of made to measure mattresses, which we sometimes split into two sections. This allows one end of the high sleeper to be used as a bed, and the other end of the bed to be used as a reading area or resting area for your children.

Space Is a Problem!

We know that people struggle with unusal space’s, this week alone, we have made a bespoke high sleeper for a customer, who needed her bed to fit above their children’s bedroom window, ensuring that light was not obscured from the room.

After placing the order for their new High Sleeper and bespoke Mattress, we went to work sketching out their room based on the measurements provided and then sent the customer a sketch of how the room would accommodate their bed once installed, suffice to say the customer was delighted with their new white high sleeper bed and we were happy that our team at Made To Measure Beds could make it happen for them.

If you have problems finding a high sleeper which is bespoke and made to measure, call our team on: 0800 0351357 and we would be happy to see if we can help

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