The Castle Inn Pwlelheli & Wakestock Festival

Guests, lots of them….

WakestockIn July 2012 people from all over the country travelled to the Wakestock Festival, Pwllheli.

The site overlooks Cardigan Bay and across to Snowdonia and has facilities to entertain 25,000 people each night.

Wakestock is Europe’s largest wakeboard music festival with free-to-watch wakeboarding by day and music by night. It’s right next to the beach and as well as featuring a competition for the wakeboard title, there were live bands and DJ’s for two nights.

An absolutely vital component in the success of any festival is the accommodation available to the public. It has to be close to the venue and reasonably priced.

Enter The Castle Inn Pwlelheli.

Peter Jones the owner of The Castle Inn contacted us with an urgent requirement for beds made to specific sizes to house the crowd of guests booked in for the festival and expected in just a few weeks time.

Peter needed bespoke beds plus mattresses and quickly.

He wanted six sets of double width bunks and by that he meant room for two on the top as well as on the bottom not the typical two below one above seen on the high street.

Furthermore, the size of the space available in the hostel dictated his requirements and one of the most crucial things was a made to measure double width triple height set of bunks. This was to be the final piece in the jigsaw requiring space for two people on three levels. An awesome six sleeper.

Finally he needed a standard sized set of bunks. Yes we make standard sized beds too but these as with all our beds will last many years longer than anything you would ever buy elsewhere. We give a 5 year guarantee with every bed. Who else does that ?

Each of the hostel beds had to be strong enough to take adults, some bigger than others and possibly in high spirits after a great night

We met the challenge.

Beds-at-CastellMade to Measure Beds supplied bespoke beds from our Gallahad range for the double bunks and from our Pendragon range for the triple bunks and we supplied them on time.

I rang them today to see how our beds were standing up to the rigours of hostel life.

The answer I got quite simply nearly two years down the line was “ couldn’t be better”.

The Made to Measure Beds range is custom made to meet individual requirements and as you can tell from the above we provide fantastic solutions to accommodation problems.

Check out the Castle Inn Website here

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